Join us to the Jerusalem’s Lights Tours - a spectacular night tour of Jerusalem illuminated sites

NIS 40 only per person

The tour takes place under the guidance of a qualified tour guide, in Hebrew and English, in a tourist bus that travels between about 30 illuminated historical sites and monuments in the city, on Monday and Thursday during Sep-Dec.

The bus leaves at 20:00 from The Montefiore Windmill at Mishkenot Sha'ananim, and returns to the King David Hotel about two hours later.

Meeting is at 20:00 at the windmill in Mishkanim Shananim, where you will receive a 10-minute tutorial (standing). After that, we walk for about 10 minutes (and about 15 steps) uphill to the King David Hotel, where we will meet the bus. For those who have difficulty walking - it is recommended to join at the following stations: King David Hotel, Royal Court Hotel and Bar-Lev Road, where you board the bus directly, without walking.

You can hop on the bus at 3 different stops:
20:20 - at the King David Hotel,
approximately 20:45 - at the Royal Wing Hotel (Ramada, near Sderot Herzl),
approximately 21:20 - on Bar-Lev Road near the Grand Court Hotel.
You can also hop off near the Western wall.
At the end of the tour, you can get off at the station where you hoped on.
The duration of the entire tour is about two hours, of which about an hour and a half by bus.

Is it artistic lighting like the Light Festival?
No. The Light Festival is an event that happens concentratedly for several days once a year. The Lights Tour passes through about 12 monuments that are permanently illuminated with artistic lighting, as part of the sites lighting project of the Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA), and about 20 other buildings and sites that were illuminated independently or directly by the Jerusalem Municipality.

During the purchase you will select your boarding station and then you will receive an exact address to that boarding station.

The number of seats in each tour is limited.

:Questions and Answers

Is it possible to participate in only part of the tour?
Yes. You can hop-off at any stop you want

From which age should you purchase a ticket?
From the age of 5. (Kindly avoid ariving with young children and strollers)

Is there a discount for groups?
No. The price is fixed and extremely discounted

What should be brought?
Good mood and camera. It is also recommended to bring a light sweater and drinking water. There are no stops for food or restroom during the tour

Are there any stations where you get off to take pictures?

Yes. We get off at the King David Hotel/YMCA, Sergei Palace Hotel/the Church of the Holy Trinity
and the Absalom/Mont. Olives observation point.

How will I know when the bus will arrive at the boarding station I chose?
After the purchase you will receive a link to join our daily WhatsApp group, to which you will join about an hour before the tour start.
Once in the group - you will receive updates on the arrival times of the bus to the stations, and you can be in direct contact with the tour coordinator.
The meeting point is at The Montefiore Windmill at Mishkenot Sha'ananim at 20:00. The following stops: 20:20 - King David Hotel, approximately 20:45 - Royal Wing/Ramada Hotel, approximately 201:20 - Bar-Lev Boulevard in front of the Grand Court Hotel

Is it possible to cancel the purchase?
Yes. You can cancel the purchase with a 5% commission offset up to 7 days before the tour date

Until when can tickets be purchased?
Tickets can be purchased up to an hour before the tour starts

Is the bus wheelchair accessible?

What will I see on the tour?
Among the sites you will see on the tour are
The Windmill in Mishkenot Shaananim, the YMCA building, David's Harp Fountain, France Square Fountain, the Flour Mill on Ramban Street, the Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book, the Knesset, the Strings Bridge, the Sergei Palace Hotel, the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Russian Compound, Notre Dame de Jerusalem, San Salvador Church, Nablus Gate, Augusta Victoria, Maria Magdalena Church, Church of the Ascension, Absalom's Tomb & Mount of Olives, the Ophel, Dung Gate, Mount Zion's trench.

King David Hotel
Royal wing Hotel
Olive Tree Hotel

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