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126 is a 24/7 operation. On top of our famous Shabbat services and kiddushim, we run Chesed projects, kids' programming, daily Tefillah and learning, shiurim, and many more activities throughout the year.

We don't get any financial support from the city or the Ministry of Religions, so it's only the generosity of our members and volunteers which keeps the shul running.

Please consider becoming an official member of the community to support our year-round activities. Members get discounts on:
* Seats for the high holidays
* Community meals
* Speaker events
* Kiddush sponsorship and more!


Reserve Your Seats for Rosh HaShanah & Yom Kippur

The shul is open to all and we get particularly busy around the high holidays, when at times it can be standing room only.

Make sure you have a place to sit by reserving a place for our Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur tefillot. We're run by volunteers, so everything you donate in seat and membership fees goes right back into the community.

If you’d like to reserve a specific seat, please let us know in the remarks section of the form, and we'll do our best to make it

* Rinat Yisrael, Koren, and Artscroll machzorim will be provided.

* Membership and seat fees qualify as tax-deductible donations for Israeli taxpayers (46A)

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